Sunday, April 17, 2005

I'm Back

That is right. I am back from an unannounced sabbatical. Not only was it unannounced, it was unexpected due to personal reasons. I have been getting emails from people asking where my weekly blog is but I just could not get to answering them.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have been interesting. We have starved a disabled woman. Wacko Jacko seems to be getting creamed in court. I hope that isn't a poor choice of words. He will probably get released or a light smack on his wrist. After all, remember that it is California where he is getting tried.

Tom DeLay - Has he done anything wrong? I do not know. The democrats want him gone, if he did anything illegal, so do I. If he did not do anything illegal, he should stay where he is. If he did what anybody else did, they should be treated exactly the same way, no exceptions. I do not care what political party they belong to.

Amtrak - Who the heck is crazy enough to be riding on this train? Look at its track record. Would you put your kids on this train? If you do, I consider that child abuse. I guess if you're naive enough to send you're kids over to Wacko Jacko's house for a play date, you're naive enough to use Amtrak.

U.N., (The Useless Nations), Kofi Annan is a clown. He actually had the steel onions to say that the U.S. and England ignored the oil smuggling going on in the 1990's. You mismanaged $64 BILLION in the Iraq humanitarian program. Hey Kofi, the Useless Nations, your son Kojo and yourself should be investigated by an outside organization that you and your cohorts haven't paid off.

As of now, authorities believe they might have found Sarah Michelle Lund’s body. It is possible that David Onstott is a suspect. He is a registered sex offender. He once dated Sarah's mother. People are nuts. I do not know if he killed her but his résumé would not get him into corporate America. Maybe he could hang out with Bill Clinton and laugh about their conquests. This happened in Florida. If society is lucky, the convicted will get the death penalty. Of course you will have the nuts protesting the execution if there is one. These are the same nuts who will abort an unborn baby. Great, kill the innocent but keep the guilty alive and then probably set them loose.

The next pope has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Have a good day.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Quick Notes

Starving an innocent and disabled American is okay but a terrorist stand on one leg or put underwear on his head is torture. Great job guys, I'm glad you have your priorities in order.

Michael Jackson - is he an entertaining child molester or a victim of conspiracy? He will probably get off; after all, he is being tried in California.

Jerry Springer now has his own radio show. I am sure he is filled with pearls of wisdom.

Howard Stern has been saying for about a year or so that the government will throw him off the radio. Yet he is still on. Did he lie? Was his marriage a lie?

Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce. A Hollywood couple divorcing? I am shocked.

It is a fact. The economy is going strong. Hey john Kerry and the rest of the gang, are you going to dispute this? You would have to fight with some economists. Oh, by the way, the company that you and your wife Theresa Heinz gate money from is a company that has about three- quarters of its workers outside the United States. I guess it slipped your mind when you were campaigning.

By the way John, how do you feel about starving an innocent and disabled American? Is this torture or no? If it is torture do you approve of it? If you approve of it, is it okay to use on terrorists? By the way, these questions go for Hillary Rotten Clinton and every Democrat out here running for office. Please, let me know how you guys feel.

I bought a brand new Kia Sportage, 6 cylinder 4x4 with an LX package. So far it is really nice. In the very near future I will be doing review of it.

Happy trails,


Sunday, March 20, 2005


California - If I would ever commit a crime, (do not worry, I am not a criminal therefore I do not commit crimes), especially murder, I would do it in California. There is a high probability that I would not get caught. If I did get caught, there is a higher probability that I would not get convicted. If I did get convicted there is a higher probability that I would not get the death penalty. I did get the death penalty; believe it or not, there is even a higher probability that I would die of natural causes or old age before they would execute me. Enough of the state full of freakazoids.

Florida\Georgia - John Evander Couey, a registered sex offender. This guy has a history of being on the wrong side of the law. His past includes burglary and underage children. I am not going to put in this article what he has done to children because I find it disgusting and reprehensible. I believe the death penalty is needed in this case. To be honest I believe it is necessary in a lot of cases. I believe there is an alternative.

Life long imprisonment under a few conditions:

A) No such thing as parole under any circumstance. The prisoner should never be a part of society. The prisoner gave up that right when the crime(s) were committed against society.
B) Solitary confinement until the prisoner dies. Solitary confinement meaning that the person could not under any circumstance ever be able to leave his/her cell. This is so that prisoner does not have any possibility of killing any person, especially the guards.
C) Does not get any kind of entertainment. Does not get any kind of exercise equipment. If you want to exercise, do pushups and crunches.
D) No exotic food. By exotic, if it costs more than $1.00 per meal per inmate, that is exotic. They better like oatmeal.
E) It is televised how these prisoners are treated so that would be criminals never become criminals. If they decide to become criminals then they deserve all of the above.

In my opinion:

These criminals do not have the right to live as human beings. They should not have more rights than victims. The law abiding society has more rights than these despicable animals.

Florida - Terri Schiavo

This poor woman has been in the hospital for years. Her husband has wanted her dead. Her parents want her alive. A judge had ordered her feeding tube be removed. No one was allowed to feed her. Congress is supposed to have a vote and step in to have her feeding tub reinserted.

Okay, I am not a lawyer. As a layman, I understand the law as any average person does. Lawyers make the law, interpret the law, make judgments using the laws they created and then charge us average people exorbitant prices to use the law in our advantage if the very same lawyers do not end up suing us. We, the average people are screwed.

What I do know is right from wrong. Terri's husband and people on his side are trying to starve Terri to death. This is torture. Remember the terrorists imprisoned in Quatanomo Bay and in Abu Ghraib? Some of these prisoners were made to stand one leg and some were made to wear underwear on their heads. All the liberal Democrats were screaming that this was torture. Has anybody heard of any Democrats screaming about Terri's torture? I have heard of none and believe me when I tell you that I follow the news the way some people follow baseball and football.

Representative Robert Wexler, a Democrat from Florida, has stated that he would make an objection hoping to put a stop to Congress' vote. Other Democrats have come out publicly this week against a Congressional vote to save Terri’s life. Terri is a person, part of society. I still do not understand how people believe the Democrats are for the people. This is insanity.

The democrats will fight for terrorists but not for an American citizen. Crazy. I hope my life is never in this situation and there are Democrats in charge. It seems like it would hopeless for me but great for the enemies of the United States. This is a sad state of affairs.

If this was a beached whale, PETA would feed the whale. PETA would get it medical attention and feed it. After the whale is okay, they would get a truck with a crane and make sure it is freed into the ocean all the while singing the song Born Free.

Where are all the disability/ handicap groups wanting to help Terri? You know if a restaurant did not have a ramp for a wheel chaired person, they would be suing the restaurant. Interesting.

I would like to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-in law Diane. And of course may you have many more.


Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Lunatic Fringe

Believe it or not, lunatics do have a place in the world and actually do good for our society. All I can say is thanx to Michael Moore, Whoopie Goldberg, and the rest of the loons representing the majority of the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood. Idiots, num-nuts, brain-dead. You can call them whatever you want, I see some good in them. Heck, they were able to get George W. reelected as president. For that I say thank you, you mental midgets.

To the Democratic Party, I say thank you for putting in charge of the DNC, one of your well known lunatics, Howard Dean, (a loooooooooser). Granted, he was inventive when raising money using the internet to finance his campaign. This was pure genius. Was this really his idea? I do not know. Somehow I do not think so. What I do know is that he should reconsider showing his enthusiasm in public. Nuts, pure nuts.

Ok, getting back to the entertainment sector. Oh, I'm sorry; the entire Democratic Party is entertaining. Anyway, Hollywood, wow I am shocked, absolutely shocked, that a movie called The Passion of the Christ was missed by your entire Oscar movie nominating committee. A lot of the world saw this movie. The movie was in the news for over a year before its release, made well over $300 million on a $30 million plus DVD sales, etc. Now this movie, during its planning stages, was rejected by all of the studios. Could you imagine being a shareholder and missing out on your stocks increasing in value? These idiots actually put their anti-religious ideology in front of making a profit for their shareholders. Then stockbrokers are confused when your regular guy thinks investing in stocks is gambling!

Recapping a Martha Moment

Martha Stewart - Idiot Extraordinaire! At one time you were married and then got a divorce, (I am shocked!). You started a catering business which turned into a huge conglomerate worth well over billion dollars making towels and curtains. Absolutely genius when you can convince almost an entire gender to do things around the house your way. Absolutely fantastic, no question this is an incredible feat. Let us move on.

You were going to lose less than three hundred thousand dollars on stocks that you owned. So you make a stock trade that seems to be shady. Why is it shady? Martha sold all of her 3,928 shares of ImClone. This in itself does not seem wrong. It just so happens that the sale happened day before the FDA announced its rejection. What did it reject you ask? The FDA rejected the application of approval for Erbitux. Erbitux was ImClone's cancer drug.

On the surface, all of this looks like it maybe coincidence. Not so. At the time Sam Waksal was ImClone’s ceo. Just before the FDA announced its news, Sam and his family sold their stock and received approximately $7.3 million. Not a bad piece of change. Except that Sam was charged with insider trading, Martha was not.

It just so happens that Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal are personal friends. It seems logical, (thanx Spock), that the rich would hang out with the rich. One problem is that Martha’s broker and Sam’s broker is the same person, Peter Bacanovic. His assistant is Douglas Faneuil, both of whom worked for Merrill Lynch. Apparently there were too many coincidences. Apparently Douglas called Peter, (who was on vacation), and told him that Sam and family were dumping their stock. Peter calls Martha's office leaving a message saying that he thinks "ImClone's stock will start trading downward". Martha calls Merrill Lynch and talks to Douglas. She tells him to sell the ImClone stock, which at the time was just above $58.00.

Basically, Stewart, Bancanovic and Faneuil had gotten questioned during the SEC investigation. All of their stories seemed to be identical. The main point of their story was that she sold her stock because it fell below $60.00 a share.

At this point the prosecutor’s argument was that Martha and Peter tried to cover up the sale. She supposedly lied to the investigators; this is a big NO NO. Martha was charged with conspiracy, obstruction securities fraud and making false statements to the federal investigators. Peter was charged with conspiracy, obstruction, false documents, false statements and perjury.

Martha, you went to a prison, nicknamed Camp Cupcake. Is it horrible there? That sounds like a real threatening name. I heard it was so bad in there that you lost a homemaking contest. While you were in there, did you happen to notice that your company's stock went up? As soon as they let you out your company's stock dropped approximately 30%. By the way, does that ankle bracelet the government lent you go with your curtains? Does it affect your baking abilities?

People never learn. Normally the cover-up is worse than the crime. There have been many examples of this. Richard Nixon and Watergate, he did not order the DNC break-in. Gordon Liddy and his crew did it without Nixon’s knowledge, when Nixon found out, he tried to cover it up. That was his downfall. What all this boils down to is this: Do not screw with the government or else it will screw you.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Social Security

Democrats - The Party that just says No

Unfortunately when:

George W. says yes the Democrats automatically say no.
George W. says up the Democrats automatically say down.
George W. says black the Democrats automatically say white.

What a shame. Yet George W. gets done what needs to be done. I remember even before he was running for the White House the first time how the Democrats were insulting this man. It was outrageous yet who in the Democratic Party came to the man’s defense. No one. So much for being for the people. Yes its true, George W. is a person.

Any way, I will march forward and give my take on the Social Security issue that is infecting everybody’s lives at the moment.

The Democrats are so stupid that they can not even get their story straight.

"What should we do with this projected surplus?" Clinton said. "I have a simple four-word answer: Save Social Security first." This is taken directly from 1998 State of the Union Speech.

"We have a great opportunity now to take action now to avert a crisis in the Social Security system," Clinton said, again in February 1998. "By 2030, there will be twice as many elderly as there are today, with only two people working for every person drawing Social Security. After 2032, contributions from payroll taxes will only cover 75 cents on the dollar of current benefits. So we must act, and act now, to save Social Security." Bill Clinton's own words.

Guess who followed up with the same mantra?

Surprise! Surprise!

In September, Vice President Al Gore went to the Capitol for a Social Security pep rally with the gang of the drunk and the stupid. Democrats among who included the following:

House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt (the unions stabbed me in the back)
Sen. Edward Kennedy (ever so drunk)
Sen. Barbara Boxer (stupid is as stupid gets)

Gore said "Social Security faces a serious fiscal crisis."

All of the drunk and stupid robots said the same thing.

"Save Social Security first," said Gore.
"Save Social Security first," said Gephardt.
"Save Social Security first," said Kennedy.
"Save Social Security first," said Boxer.

Now all of the sudden, there is no Social Security crisis. Alleluia!!! - did this modern day miracle come from the heavens? Did it just fix itself? Did the Social Security system win some kind of secret lottery that could just whisk away the Social Security crisis, oh my!
Are the Democrats just a lying, bottom of the barrel scum using people's fears for political gain? Surprise! Surprise!
All I know is this; I have been hearing for a while that Social Security is in trouble. All I can say is FIX IT.

This country throughout its history has:

won its independence from another country
fought and won over evil many times
put men on the moon and sent rockets further out into space
cried and overcame obstacles that destroyed American lives
there are many more statements I can say about this country

But when it comes to Social Security, the political games the Democrats are playing are dangerous to the welfare of this country and its citizens. There are many political parties, religions and beliefs in this country. This is fantastic. Are we citizens not all Americans? Should politics really be played with decisions that will affect us all? This should stop. As Americans, our politicians are our employees not gods that can not be fired. Stop playing politics, fix this problem. Do not fix something that is not broke. Do fix something that is broken. I do not care who fixes it. I do not care who gets the credit, (this is why the Democrats refuse to go with anything that George W, wants to do). JUST FIX IT.

Stop being a pendulum.

It’s a crisis.
It’s not a crisis.
It’s a crisis.
It’s not a crisis.
It’s a crisis.
It’s not a crisis.

Stop already and get it done. Democrats get on board.

Let us be realistic.
Let us make sure whoever paid into the system gets their money back.
If the people can put up to four percent of their money into conservative stocks and make more money, let them do it.

How come it is okay for government employees to do this?
How come the Democrats are not screaming about taking this investment option away from the government employees if this idea is so bad?
Are there any Democrats that are government employees investing in stocks using part of their retirement accounts? Hmmm, I wonder.
Are the Democrats trying to insinuate that government employees are deserving of this while the average citizen is not?
Are the Democrats trying to insinuate that the average citizen is too stupid to invest in stocks?

When I die, I should able to leave the rest of my Social Security to my loved ones, let me do it. When that money is inherited it should not taxed.

Remember - Keep a frown upside!


Friday, February 25, 2005

Gonzo Journalism = Fictional News

Hunter Stockton Thompson was commonly known as Hunter S. Thompson. We found out that he was also a great shot. Committing suicide isn't exactly what I would call noble, but according to his family he went out on top. After a statement like that, I have to wonder if he really was the only one in his family who was a drunken drug addict.

He called his journalism Gonzo Journalism. Is Gonzo journalism truthful? Doesn't the truth matter anymore? For the most part, all he ever did was insult Richard Nixon. He had gotten himself tied up pretty good with George McGovern. Since he didn't insult Jimmy Carter, from American hostages in Iran to high inflation rates, Thompson must have been real happy with everything going on during his administration. Don't get me wrong, covering up a break-in which Nixon did was wrong, but he did get us out of Vietnam. Oh yeah, who got us into Vietnam, John F. Kennedy, I guess Thompson missed that one also. I guess he missed everything Lyndon B. Johnson's administration did also. How convenient. You were a regular Sherlock Holmes. Great eye for journalism buddy.

By most accounts, being in a stupor had become his life's work. When was the last time he wrote a novel? Sure, he had done some speeches along the way, but staggering up to the podium is not something I would call professional. He did write an ESPN column. I wonder if he indulged in steroids. If he did, did he think it would pump up his writing?

Supposedly he had spoken to his wife a few times about committing suicide. Isn't that wonderful? She did not tell anybody about this? No doctors, authorities of any kind, didn’t she get the man any psychiatric help? If he did get any help, do you think that the doctors really suck or is the science of psychiatry just a scam a lot of idiots fall for and give $250 and hour to. Great wife, I wonder how much he was worth dead.

Remember - Keep a frown upside!


Sunday, February 20, 2005

First Post

I had created my Blogger account a while ago just to see what a blog is. Along the way I have learned what it is. Believe me, it wasn't a difficult journey. Just something new to me. Simply put, it is an outlet. It is creative. It is personal. It is business. It could be many things. Blog, weblog, diary, journal - whatever the heck you might want to call this system, it is a way to get your inner voice heard worldwide. My fellow bloggers out there, we are the checks and balances for the:

News media
Political landscape

and maybe most importantly we are the checks and balances for our own blogs.

Are we journalists in the traditional sense? No. We still have to be responsible for our writings. We can publish almost anything on a whim. We do not have editors who are politically and socially influenced. We are our own editors for our own blogs.

All bloggers out there are not editors for each other. We are critics of each other. When I say critics, I do not mean it in a bad way. We are accountable so yes we should be responsible. As long as access to a computer connected to the Internet and a free blog account are available, everybody and their mother can be a published journalist, storyteller, advice columnist, etc. I can go on forever but I think you get the idea.

We are living in a time anybody could be a Patrick Henry or a Ben Franklin. We have the power to entertain, to influence and most important of all to be honest. When I say honest, I mean factually honest not ideologically honest.

I know I covered only a tiny portion of all the possibilities of what bloggers have done, are doing and will do. My blog will not be:

Story telling
or a diary.

It will be none yet all of the above plus much more. Please come back to read the rantings of a harmless lunatic. If a person is a lunatic, how can that same person know that he is harmless or for that matter a lunatic?

Remember - Keep a frown upside!